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Dec 20 2009

Chinese Writing Translation

Here at we offer a Chinese writing translation service.   We work closely with  bi-lingual native Chinese and bi-lingual native English speakers to provide high quality translation services.

If you are just looking for the translation of 1 or 2 words you can easily find online translators on the web that will do this for you.

However, if you need a whole document translated then these online translators aren’t any good.  They translate words and not ideas.  Especially with Chinese being such an idiomatic language there are many proverbs and idioms used that cannot be easily translated

For example I just translated “san1ren2xing2,bi4you3wo3shi1” into 2 different online translators and they gave me this meaning :

Three human of lines must have my teacher

Three-line must be my teacher

Both of the online translators gave a similar translation, however the correct translation is :

If 3 people are walking together at least one of them is good enough to be my teacher in some subject.

However even the correct translation doesn’t fully convey the correct meaning.  The meaning of the above expression is :

Nobody has the monopoly on knowledge.  There’s always someone out there who knows more about something than you do.  You can always learn something from others.

This is merely one simple example.  If you cut and paste any Chinese document into an online translator you will also see the translation reads horribly.  Not professional at all.

We offer both English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation services.  If you have need or interest in this service please send an inquiry through our Contact Page

The fee varies depending on the content and what level of translation you want.  It’s essentially based on time spent in translation.  If the document is very specific to a certain field like Medicine or Law then it will take more time to translate and cost more.  Further, you can have a quick basic meaning translation (cheaper) or a completely accurate word by word, proof read multiple times and fully checked perfect translation (of course more expensive).

Please feel free to send us your inquiry to discuss your needs via our Contact Page

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