Jul 09 2014

Learn Chinese with Me

If you are interested please pay the $1 through Paypal and I will contact you to discuss.  If at that time you decide you don’t want to participate I will refund the $1.  This method is just my way of weeding out spammers and time wasters.  Thanks 🙂

Please click here to pay the $1 in order to get contacted to discuss

As a foreigner who has learned Chinese by myself I know what it takes to become fluent in Chinese.  I also know what methods DON’T work as I learned French in school for 10 years with very little result.

Many Chinese people teach Chinese, but I have found their methods far from effective as they use Chinese thinking to teach Chinese, but we aren’t Chinese so we don’t get it.  I know how an English speaker’s mind thinks.  I have a proven method that is effective and efficient but offering 1 on 1 tutoring is usually too expensive for most people.

So I decided to design my own software to help reduce the time required by me, the teacher, and therefore reduce the costs greatly without reducing the results.  This combination of software + 1 to 1 tutoring produces a highly effective and convenient way of learning any language.

My software has been over 3 years in the making and I currently have some English students (Chinese speakers learning English) who have been improving as a result, so I KNOW that it works.

Now I am ready to start using it to teach English speakers Chinese.

If you are interested in learning with me then please add my skype by clicking the skype icon on the top left of the page and we can chat about your language learning needs and plan :

We will need to work together first on your pronunciation.  This is impossible for software to do and is very time consuming for me.  We can discuss the fee for this one on one time through Skype.  This method is only for SERIOUS students who will work hard.  Anyone who allows 1 week to pass without doing anything will have their discounted rates cancelled.  Those students can feel free to continue at regular rates.

The discounted rate will be limited to a small number of users and all I ask in return is a testimonial saying whether the software worked or not.  (I already know it will work).  Once I have evidence of my methods and their effectiveness then those results will speak for themselves and I can focus on building my business with full paying students.

The software will first be aimed at people with ZERO Chinese, so if you can already speak some Chinese it might be too easy for you.

Please note that this method isn’t very fun, but it’s very effective.  You can spend as little or as much time as you like but 10 minutes a day should be VERY effective.

Here are some comments from some of my online students :

“James has been an incredible teacher. I had traveled to China multiple times but had no previous language skills. Most impressive was how much he cared. He genuinely cared about my pronunciation, learning style and putting in practice. His philosophy and approach have been effective and his response time to my inquiries was incredible. Highly recommend”Tim (April 16 2015)

Here is the link to the review above given to me through Elance : https://www.elance.com/s/itinchina/job-history/10180/?t=1&k=68912817

“Incredible teacher and super attentive! Highly recommend. His methods are super effective, producing results I was excitedly shocked at. I encourage you to sign up, trust the process, and learn in a way you didn’t know was possible. “ Tim (Jun 24 2015)

Here is the link to the review above given to me through Elance : https://www.elance.com/j/chinese-language-tutoring/71708297/

The teaching system is very good for learning the basic Chinese sounds. The instructor was very cooperative and professional. I enjoyed the learning experience.Victor L (Mar – Jul 2015)

“I’ve been looking for a course that teaches me the high frequency used Chinese words and get me started are reading Chinese fast. This program does all that and more. I’m blown away with the convince and effectiveness of Jame’s teaching. Highly recommended for anyone looking to start learning Chinese.” Richard F (April 30 2016)

All the feedback above can be viewed on my upwork profile page : https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~0158b0bd47cd0becf5



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5 Responses to “Learn Chinese with Me”

  1. Dustin says:

    Hi, I have been getting Skype lessons in Mandarin for 10 months now.

    I often feel she takes me through a book chalater by chapter is sometimes not efficient.

    Like I soent 5 hrs on skype learning the time, money, and how to talk on the telephone in China.

    Not productive.

    Curiousif you teach or what your method is.



  2. James says:


    I have found the Chinese aren’t very good at teaching their own language. Due to the education system here, they seem more interested in “turning pages” in a book than actual progress in the language.

    This is why Chinese “learn” English for 10 years in their education system and end up unable to communicate at all with me in English. They transfer these bad habits into their teaching.

    So you can already see the method you are using isn’t effective. I suggest you change your method

  3. Joe Gaspard says:

    Am relocating to Yantai- Shandong province.

    Interested in basic conversational Mandarin.

    Hope u can assist


    Ps= Tried, unsuccessfully to pay the $1

  4. says:

    Thanks for your comment. Will contact you to discuss. Thanks

  5. Jane says:

    Amazing insight & lots of uncovered gems. 🙂 Love your methodology and views. Thank you. An astounding teacher!

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