Dec 14 2010

Learn Chinese The Easy Way With Me 1 on 1

Hopefully you have read my approach to the Chinese language and see how easy it can be.  If you are interested in learning 1 on 1 I would be happy to teach you.  My time is limited of course, so I can’t guarantee everyone a place but feel free to contact me via the contact form to see if there are any open places.

Unfortunately, in my experience, native Chinese people don’t make very good Chinese teachers.  They don’t understand how our minds work and think, and therefore it makes the Chinese learning experience much harder then it should be.  I make Chinese look easy because it is (compared to other languages of course).  Further, I can explain how this language works in a way that is easy to understand, because we think alike.

My specialty is pronunciation.  So if you are just starting this language or would like to help with your pronunciation then I can definitely help you.

Regardless, I hope you benefit from my site.

One Response to “Learn Chinese The Easy Way With Me 1 on 1”

  1. Eliza says:

    I’m interested on learn consonants pronunciations in Mandarim

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