Jan 06 2010

How Do I Say “something” in Chinese ? – Post Your Questions Here

I have created this post to allow users to post questions as to how to say something in Chinese or ask about Chinese grammar or whatever.

If you would like to know how to express a particular sentence, phrase or meaning please post it here and I will try my best to give you an accurate and idiomatic way to say it in Mandarin Chinese.

I will of course consult a native Chinese speaker before posting the answer to ensure accuracy and reliability of the answers I will provide.

If there is something about Chinese you don’t understand feel free to ask.

Please do not post long documents for translation, that’s a paid service we provide.  The purpose of this page is to help people improve their Chinese and understand more about how Mandarin works etc, not to provide a free translation service.

I’m sure through this I will learn just as much as you will, so the questions will benefit all of us.

I look forward to your inquiries.  Please post below :

21 Responses to “How Do I Say “something” in Chinese ? – Post Your Questions Here”

  1. Sam Song says:


    How about “pop culture”?

  2. admin says:

    Do you mean as in the Music Scene Pop Culture ?

  3. Pedro Medeiros says:

    Hey man,

    Could you tell me how to say the frase below un chinese? And how could write it. My boss would love it.

    “corrupted by the status quo”

  4. says:

    Hi Pedro

    One way would be 受现状的影响 shou4 xian4zhuang4 de ying3xiang3

    Literally it means to receive ( 受) “status quo” or “current situation” (现状) influence (影响)

    In English we have an idiomatic way of describing “current situation” ie “status quo”. One cannot always find an exact equivalent in a target language. So for this we would just use the closest thing with the same meaning.

    If you have heard other ways to say it feel free to share, but this is what my Chinese friend recommended just now.

  5. Nikki says:

    Hi there!

    How would i say “Fifteen years. Ever since i came to the United States” in Mandarin?

    Much appreciation!!

  6. says:

    Hi Nikki

    Your sentence is a bit strange. But here is the translation :

    十五年。从我来到美国的时候。 – shi2wu3 nian2. cong2 wo3 lai2dao4 mei3guo2 de shi2hou4

    What is the context of the sentence ?

  7. moonwich says:

    What’s the word for practice in mandarin?

  8. says:

    Practice = lian4xi2 联系

    As in “practice chinese” for example.

  9. Dan says:

    How do I say “How do I say?” is mandarin? Eg, I am in a restaurant and I point to a picture on the menu ask the waiter in mandarin “How do I say this?”

  10. Dan says:

    sorry posted the comment to the wrong page!

    or, in the alternative, how does a person say “What is this?”

  11. says:

    You could simply point to the thing in question and say “Zhong1wen2 zen3me shuo1 ?”

    That means “Chinese how to say” ie “How do you say (point) in chinese?”

    If you want to add more to the sentence you could say “zhe4ge Zhong1wen2 zen3me shuo1 ?”

    That adds the word “this” so you are essentially saying “How do you say this in Chinese?”

  12. says:

    zhe4 shi4 shen2me ? = this is what ?

    i.e. what is this ?

  13. 苏 菲 says:

    你 好!How do u say flower?

  14. says:

    Well of course there are many different types of flower, but the basic word for flower is “hua1” 花

  15. 苏 菲 says:

    Thank You! 谢 谢!

  16. jhimz says:

    please answer this

    shou chu fei lu bin chang you de tian zai?

    shenme dong lou hui kan men?

    yi ge xing qi you shenme?

    women shenme kan?

    shenme zi ran shi lu se de?

    8 footer shi gao hai shi chang 8 footer is heisht or lenth?

  17. says:

    I would need to know the tones before I could answer – it’s too difficult otherwise.

    Please also tell me the context of this – is this from a chinese book or something someone said or what ?


  18. Jamie says:

    What is the character for LEGO?

  19. says:

    It appears to be 乐高玩具 le4gao1 wan2ju4 – the first 2 characters 乐高 are “Lego” and the second 2 玩具 just mean “toy”.

  20. April says:

    how to say i am watching movies in mandarin chinese?

  21. says:

    What is your meaning ? eg “I am watching a movie right now” OR “I am watching movies in mandarin Chinese” as in you have this habit or “I am watching a movie in mandarin Chinese right now” – your question said “movies” but it’s really impossible to watch more than 1 movie at once so I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Please explain so I can give you the correct way to say it in Chinese. Thanks

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