Dec 06 2009

How To Learn Mandarin Chinese

After 10+ years of learning Mandarin Chinese I have some suggestions on how best to learn this surprisingly easy language.

The very first thing you should do is to spend at least a month just mastering the basic phonetics of this language.  There are only about 60 in total and the entire language is based on those finite sounds.  I don’t think this can be over emphasized enough how important these early stages of pronunciation practice are.  Because once you develop a bad pronunciation habit it will be very hard to break.  You will be very glad you spent the time you did practicing the basic sounds of Mandarin.

It may of course be very boring in the beginning just rhyming off sounds like a parrot and not actually learning any words, but these are the basic building blocks of Mandarin so I hope you trust me when I say practice practice practice the basic sounds until you are blue in the face.

I have recently started teaching Chinese online using my own somewhat unique method and software.  I have students in Ireland, England, America, Canada, Australia and Singapore

If you are interested in learning with me then please add my skype : “” with the text “I want to Learn Chinese” and we can talk more

If you don’t have skype then please register your name and email address below (and check your email inbox afterwards to confirm your email address – check spam inbox too) :

These sounds can be found here

Once you have those sounds/phonetics down pat then, and only then , should you start learning how to speak Chinese.  If you try to run before you can walk then you will just fall down.

So what’s the best way to learn how to speak Chinese ? For some they feel the classroom environment is the best.  Some people aren’t self motivated and need someone (ie a teacher) giving them a “kick” to make them work.

If you are like me then you don’t need a teacher to motivate you, you are self motivated and determined to improve. In that case you are a good candidate for my online chinese course which you can register for by clicking here

I have designed this course myself and guarantee you will learn Chinese quickly and at your own pace.  I doubt there will be any quicker way to learn AND REMEMBER Chinese.   However, I must warn you the method is rather boring so if you want to have fun (but learn slower) then this isn’t for you.

How Do I Say “something” in Chinese ?

If you are curious or would like to know how to say something in particular in Mandarin Chinese visit our page where you can submit your questions and you will get answers.

How Do I Say “x” in Chinese

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  1. The teaching system is very good for learning the basic Chinese sounds. The instructor was very cooperative and professional. I enjoyed the learning experience.

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